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Commerce has become an integral part of the era. We cannot imagine a world without Commerce. In every nook and corner of the world we can see the impact of Commerce. Commerce continues to be the determinant of the matter of discussion of the day ever, presently it is GST. It is the discipline on which all the other disciplines are depended. An engineer, a doctor or an advocate is not inevitable in a business enterprise. However an accountant is essential in an engineering firm, in a medical institution and in an advocate’s office. That is the reason why Commerce tends to be the ever demanded sphere of study.

Department organizes special programs for the slow learners. Slow learners are kept in separate sattention and exams are conducted to them. Our aim is mainly to increase the pass percentage of the students. The department promotes independent learning that contributes to their academic and personal growth like NPTEL,sending them for national conferences, intercollege competition tec. Personality development programs by training department along with holistic classes for developing morality are some other centric methods used by our department

Our department ingrate Professional ethics are taught to students as part of their holistic development. Moral and ethical values are integral part of education of the students. Out teachers put their best efforts to groom students and make them responsible citizen .Equality Every activity and program of department should provide equal opportunity for students and staff. For maintaining the equality among the staff and students the women development cell and Anti ragging cell are active. Environment awareness is inculcated in students. Environment study is a part of the curriculum of the institution. Environment day is celebrated with enthusiasm. Final year students along with other junior students participate in tree plantation and cleanliness programs conducted inside and outside campus. We make student aware about the importance of preserving the environment. Human rights are the basic rights enjoyed by all. We at institute make sure that no violation human rights takes place. We have an anti-ragging cell who motive everyone to make the proper use of basic rights..

Come let us become part of such a wonderful subject of learning.

Joshy M Varghese


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