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Department of Management

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Holistic mode of learning is executed through several conventional and non-conventional mode of teaching such as:-

Lectures & Discussion

Lectures by faculty are used to introduce concepts, technologies, process, issues followed by the application and subsequent integration with real life business situations examples. Students individually and collectively study assigned topics, reading materials, lecture notes, extract pertinent facts and identifying issues that required in depth understanding. Lectures contribute to the learning process by sharing accumulated knowledge and work experiences through active discussions.

Group discussions

To get fully involved, to experience the dynamics of practical management situations as well as enhancing behavioral characteristics group discussion covering diverse managerial roles are carried out.

Management games

In order to harness student’s problem solving and critical thinking abilities off and on class room activities on related course subject are conducted that helps students to relate themselves to the subject enthusiastically. Dedicated hours per week earmarked for management games and enrich programme.

Book review

To deepen the understanding and appreciate contribution of leading management theorists and introduce students to the world of literature weekly book review programme is carried out that cultivate a reading habits among students a thing that fading slowly in our society.


Every students has to analysis topical themes in management and other related subjects that are to be neatly handwritten and submitted within a prescribed time frame.

Presentation and Public Speaking

By working in a small group to develop and defend presentations, students experience the challenges associated with group responsibility, collective decision making and persuasive communication. The integrated module exercises leads to experiences that enhance student’s ability to express their ideas clearly and convincingly a valuable personal assets in business life.

Case study

Case analysis is a tool of learning by dissecting real life situations or near to life situations is a predominant teaching method followed at the department. The business landscape and integration of management concepts, practices and problem is brought out for analysis through cases study.

Learning by Doing

Each student in 3rd semester and 6th semester is required to do minor project and live project respectively to align knowledge and its application.

Continuous evaluation programme

Continuous evaluation programme is to assess the level of students understating and ability to present the subject taught in the course. Evaluation techniques help to find out the real skills, talents and knowledge of the students as well as the quantum of efforts each student have taken in the learning process. This method helps to provide corrective and remedial actions immediately so as to bring improvement in academic outcomes of students

Remedial classes

Remedial classes are provided as an additional support to those who need to perform at an expected level.

Holistic Education Classes

Holistic and integral development of the individual rooted in faith in GOD, justice, knowledge and human values are part of the mission of the College. this encompasses psychological, social and emotional growth of the students.


Peer mentoring and teacher student mentoring is a mutual way of learning and allowing both the participants to develop transferable skills that will help them during their time at campus and beyond. It is a great way to meet new people, develop new skills and play a leadership role, develop their organizational and interpersonal skills by planning and participating in a variety of events.

Ongoing skill acquisition and Placement

Training is an ongoing skill acquisition that is critical to survive in today’s world. Through training we are imparting specific skills in soft skills and life skills enabling student to face the real world soon after graduation. Our placement wing help student to find the right job they are fit for that is in alignment with their aspiration.

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