Conducted Webinar on ‘Gender Sensitization’

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A webinar was conducted on December 9th, 2020 by the Department of Psychology and Department of Social Work in association with IQAC on the topic ‘Gender Sensitization’. The speakers for the event were Ms. Anne Sharon Kappan (HoD, Social Work) and Ms. Julia Mackolil (HoD, Psychology). The webinar was scheduled at 2.30 pm. Our Principal facilitated over the function. All other management members were also present for the event.
The speakers talked about a compilation of information on gender awareness, bringing forward the distinction between sex and gender whilst defining other gender-related terminology. The module reflects upon the ways in which gender and other gender related terminology are socially constructed and the important role that education can play in sensitizing the people to change their mindset.
This session was conducted for all students and faculty of the college. The webinar was very interactive and everyone participated in the discussion. The webinar ended with a question-and-answer session at 4 pm.